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Ismael Motos Díaz attended Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of the University of Granada in 2001, where he received high marks excelling especially in the subject of Architectural Projects. The City of the Alhambra awakened in him a great interest in the interpretation and intervention in built heritage. In order to acquire more specialized training in this field, he moved to Rome and he studied at the Facultà di Architettura of Roma Tre University in 2006 and 2007. In this period, he expanded his knowledge of rehabilitation, restoration and preservation of heritage alongside teachers and renowned professionals such as Cesare Feiffer and Luigi Franciosini.

He returned to Granada in 2007 and 2008 to work in the office of Professor Eduardo Jiménez Artacho, Jiménez-Brasa Arquitectos, on large scale projects such as City of Knowledge in Estepona (30,540 m2), Chamber of Commerce in Granada (7,650 m2) or Sidorme Hotel in Pulianas (1,435 m2). Simultaneously, he combined this job with the development of his final degree project under the direction of Juan Domingo Santos ending obtaining the certificate of Architect with Distinction.

In 2009 he moved to Almería to work in the office of Ferrer Arquitectos until 2013 on unique and large scale projects as Pitágoras Headquarters (15,042 m2) and Tecnova Technology Center (5,270 m2) in the PITA, EGO Sport Center in Almería (13,571 m2), 81 houses in Valdemoro (11,178 m2) and AVE high-train station in Vera (1,560 m2). In 2010 and 2011 he acquired further training in urban planning with the Masters in Housing, Urban Management and Planning of the Official College of Architects of Granada. The acquired knowledge was put into practice with the implementation of numerous Masterplans and Catalogues of heritage buildings and monuments in the province of Almería.

His commitment to historical heritage led him to take the Masters in Art History: Knowledge and protection of historical heritage of the University of Granada during 2012-2013, which he ended with Honours in the final masters project. In addition, for increasing their knowledge of mechanisms and instruments for the protection, conservation and promotion of heritage assets, Ismael specialized in the field of historical-documentary research, which he considers central to understanding and acting in equity with scientific rigor. In this line, he develops his doctoral thesis in the PhD Program of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Granada.

His early research has been published in journals of esteemed reputation such as PH Investigación of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH). He has also lectured at postgraduate courses including City, architecture and gender belonging to the Master of Art History at the University of Granada (2013). His academic and professional works have won awards,  some of which are contained in various monographs.

Since 2013, Ismael runs his own studio. His experience in different disciplines of architecture and urbanism, shared with top professionals, enables him to tackle different projects: cultural, sporting, residential, educational, offices and infrastructure.

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